GRAPE FESTIVAL GRAPE FESTIVAL Airport Trenčín 11.-12. aug 2023 Airport Trenčín

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Thank you for your interest in Grape festival.

If you are interested in accreditation for the festival, the accreditation terms and conditions are available below.

If you have any questions now answered below, if you are interested in media partnership or if you are interested in any other events and concerts we organize, please, contact us directly via e-mail to


All applicants requesting the press accreditation for Grape 2021 must fill and submit the Grape 2022 accreditation form no later than by 31. July 2022 (including). We will inform all applicants about our approval or decline of their request no later than by 8. July 2022. Before applying for accreditation, please, read the terms & conditions below carefully. Thank you! We are looking forward to working with you!

General accreditation terms & conditions

When reviewing the applications, we give preference to media that actively and regularly inform about the festival. The decision to grant the accreditation is fully in the competence of the organizer and can not be demanded. 

The most common reasons for declining the accreditation request are the following:

  • not complying with the specific accreditation terms and conditions (see below)
  • late submission of the accreditation form (after the deadline on 31. July 2022)
  • the low reach of the media and/or low affinity to the festival target groups
  • capacity reasons

When reviewing the applications we also consider past experiences with the medium and its representatives. We recommend that the accredited media provide the organizer with all outcomes (links/screenshots etc. of articles, interviews, reports etc. sent to the address) ideally within 24 hours after their publishing. Failing to do so may lead to the decline of the accreditation application next year. Similarly, not publishing any outcome from the festival or failing to show up at a previously agreed interview with artist/organizer during the festival is a serious reason for not approving the application next year.

Specific accreditation terms & conditions

Internet medium publishes all press releases, as well as at least one creative article about the festival to be accredited. In case, that the medium publishes all the press releases at the same time, and not continuously, in the times they were published, we will consider this a failure to comply with the terms. We recommend the media also share the published press releases on their social media pages. We will also consider web traffic and social media activity and reach when reviewing the application.

Radio and TV station supports the festival program-wise, by broadcasting information about the festival and/or by broadcasting an interview with the organizers in order to be accredited. When reviewing the application we also consider the coverage from last year (reports, interviews, etc.) We don't give out accreditation to small internet/regional radio and tv stations.

The printed medium publishes at least three articles about the festival (press releases, articles, interviews, etc.) When reviewing the application, we also consider the coverage from last year.


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Accreditation is open until 31. July 2022

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