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Grape 2020 canceled!

Hello everyone, yesterday the Slovak government, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, issued a ban on all social and cultural events with a capacity of over 1,000 people until the end of this year. That means that Grape 2020 won't take place and the continuation of the festival awaits us in 2021. We have all suspected this in recent days, but we needed to wait for this official decision. If we would have canceled the festival only based on our feelings and foresight of the situation, we would risk violating the contractual conditions with performers and suppliers. This could cost us considerable financial losses, and could lead to bankruptcy.
Purchased tickets remain valid for 2021 and sale continues unaffectedly. If you wish to return the ticket, you will be refunded the full price. Refunds will only be possible where you have purchased the ticket, which means either at our website or physical points of sale. You have until 1. November 2020 to return the tickets. This gives you and us enough time to confirm enough names for 2021, and thus help you decide whether you want to keep the ticket. Of course, we will try to re-book as many performers as possible from this year to the next, and we believe we will be successful. We will announce a few "re-confirmed" names at the end of next week. Also, expect more info on ticket returns by next week.
We are extremely sorry for the situation, as we were all looking forward to a summer full of festivals. In any case, it is unfortunately a sad reality and we must respect it in the context of health. We keep our fingers crossed, especially for all the people who work at the festivals all summer and have now lost their jobs. They are mainly sound engineers, technicians, energy, tents, stages, and hygienic zones suppliers, gastro vendors, event agencies, cleaners, part-time workers, and even the artists themselves because they all lose their income. We also hope that this current situation will not seriously affect our great partners, because without all these people we would not be able to organize the festival.
If you would like to help us, keep your ticket for the next year. This will help us organize the festival in the summer of 2021 as best as we can.
This summer we will try to make at least a small musical replacement within the capacity limits. You can expect more info on this soon.
Thank you for your trust, and we hope to see you soon at the concerts.

2.June 2020
Grape 2020 canceled! ()
Register yourself for the PPE concert in Košice! ()

Register yourself for the PPE concert in Košice!

Register for the PPE concert in Košice - Capacity limited to 100 persons!

26.May 2020

Jarné dvorenie v máji

Keďže stále nie je možné, aby sa kapely stretli so svojimi fanúšikmi, tie sa im musia prihovárať aspoň cez stream svojich koncertov. Takto vznikli tri špeciálne koncerty v troch mestách, ktoré si budú môcť pozrieť fanúšikovia cez live stream na facebookovom profile Grape festivalu a partnerov podujatia.

21.5. Bratislava- Billy Barman
25.5. Piešťany- Para
27.5. Košice- Puding Pani Elvisovej

19.May 2020
Jarné dvorenie v máji ()
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Hello! Since yesterday we've received many questions regarding the ticket returns. We'd like to politely ask you to wait and see how the situation unfolds. The probable official cancellation of all cultural and social events by the crisis team of the Slovak republic is crucial for us. When this happens, we'll publish complete information on the next steps including the ticket returns option. Although the situation does not look too optimistic, the Slovak government hasn't yet forbidden the mass events in August, and therefore, please, be patient. We wish you all the best and stay healthy!

16.April 2020
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