GRAPE FESTIVAL 9 - 10 Aug 2019 Airport Piešťany

Pekné miesta in Trnava

Continuation of the successful last year's Grape project with the bands Para & Billy Barman. This year, the first "nice place" we will take you to will be the Museum Gardens in Trnava. The concert will take place this Friday, May 24. Apart from the abovementioned bands, Don't Trust Butterflies and Džunya G will also entertain you with their shows, and there will also be a dance workshop with Otec Mirec.

21.May 2019
Pekné miesta in Trnava ()


At the moment, 60% of all tickets are sold out! This means approximately 2000 more tickets sold than last year at this time. Therefore, we advise you not to leave your purchase to the last minute. You can buy your ticket here:

18.May 2019

Farveblind at Grape19

We'd seen the Danish duo Farveblind perform this year at Eurosonic. It was the last show we visited and it was definitely worth it. The energetic performance put the audience in a frenzy. With live drums and keys, everybody was dancing within seconds after the show began. You really shouldn't miss this on Friday at the third stage.

9.May 2019
Farveblind at Grape19 ()
Black Honey at Grape19 ()

Black Honey at Grape19

Indie rock quartet Black Honey comes from the British Brighton. The band released its debut in 2014 and in the later years, they've played many festivals including Glastonbury and Reading. Some media say, that they are inspired by Andy Warhol, Kurt Cobain or Blondie. We can say, that a bit of all can be found in their music. This will be the first time a foreign band will be opening the program on the main stage on Friday, and we are happy, it will be Black Honey indeed.

9.May 2019
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